Life in the D.C area
Last updated: 8/23/2010

As I mentioned before, I do enjoy life in the D.C area. Through the past 13 years of study, research, teaching, reading, writing, TV, movies, lectures, poetry readings, hikes , bike rides, walks, tours, volunteering, bird-watching, coffee, bar-hopping, dancing , meditating, drumming , parades, dining, and just plain lotus-eating, I have come to know a lot of this area. I'll include more when I get time, but here is a sample of my life for your tasting:


I go to all kinds of movies, but tend more towards movies that have some meaning and impact. Besides, I don't have to tell you where to go to get cheap thrills. There used to be good movies available for commercial viewing at the Key and the Biograph, but both have been run over by the corporate megaplex machine.These days if you want to see really good movies you will have to go to AFI (American Film Institute) or to screenings at the museums or LOC (library of Congress). There are also film clubs for people who can afford to pay 10 to 15 dollars for a screening meeting at theatres in DC and in Bethesda. AFI's silver theatre in Silver Spring, the Landmark theaters in Chinatown (near 12th and E) and Bethesda row cinemas are good places for movie buffs. Citypaper has a good listing of non-commercial theatres.

Museums and LOC

These are wonderful resources for seeing eclectic exhibitions, listening to lectures, watching offbeat movies, and hearing inspiring poetry. Click below to check out what's on. These are just places which I visit often. Maybe I'll see you there. It's all FREE!


I go to all kinds of places to dance. Mostly ballrooms or nightclubs in Adams Morgan or Georgetown. Sometimes to the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo, at the corner of Macarthur Blvd and Goldsboro Road. Here are some places where you can find out about the local ballroom dancing scene, whether you want to swing, rumba, tango, salsa......


My favourite places to hike, bike, walk, or just vegetate:

I used to walk on sundays for a few hours on a secluded but beautiful stretch of the C&O canal towpath between White's ferry and Edwards ferry. Keep this a secret! Harper's ferry is at mile 60 along the towpath from Georgetown and you can get there by MARC on weekdays from Union Station. I spent spring break '99 there and it is the one of the best experiences I have had since coming to DC. A great place to watch sunset and ruminate on the beauty of it all is at the old harbour in Georgetown. No boats there now (except tour boats), but there is a nice place to sit and watch the bridges, planes flying in and out of National, Kennedy Center in all its majesty, Roosevelt Island, and (yes! Accept it, it is part of the scenery) Crystal city towers. Good places to hike are in the Appalachian trails, Catoctin National park, and Sugarloaf mountains. Good place to bike is anywhere on the C&O canal towpath, the Mt. Vernon trail which runs mostly alongside the Potomac from Roosevelt Island to GW's place in Mt. Vernon, the Rock creek trail from Jefferson Memorial to Rockville, MD, and the Capitol crescent trail that runs from Georgetown to Silver spring through Bethesda. Greenbelt and Beltsville, MD have a good network of bike paths. Another great place to walk (especially during first two weeks of April during the cherry blossoms) is along the tidal basin. Dupont circle has the only significantly lively public open space in this area, with a beautiful fountain and benchess in the periphery. Nearby at Kramerbooks I have spent many an hour browsing books, drinking at the bar, dining in the restaurant or listening to live music. Their collection of books is excellent and the staff is wonderfully courteous, helpful, and hip.