Math 197 (Grad level: Math 208) , Sec 1, Introduction to Modern Algebra I
Sankar Sitaraman

Class meets MWF DGH 138, 2.10 -1 pm

Text and Syllabus
Topics in Algebra by I. N. Herstein , third edition (second edition is also fine)
We will also use Robert Ash's ebook Basic Abstract Algebra available for free from his website, occasionally for certain topics.

Syllabus: Basic group theory, and an intro to Sylow theory and basics of Ring theory
Applications will be treated as time permits


Office: 219, ASB-B (behind Locke). Hours: MWF 1.10 to 2 am.
You are welcome to come at other times also but please call 806-6832 or e-mail ssitaraman "(insert @ here)" beforehand, if possible

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Homeworks, Tests, Grades, and all that stuff
Homework problems will be given almost every class. It is your responsibility to be aware of them, either by attending class or by talking to students in your study group. It is highly recommended that you meet with students in your study group atleast once a week. The problems can be turned in anytime before the day that homework set is due, but no late homeworks will be accepted. You can collaborate with other students and also talk to me during office hours. The homeworks, while easier to get points than the tests, should not be taken lightly. They are crucial in understanding the material, keeping up-to-date with the class, and also in preparing for the tests.

There will be 2 in-class tests apart from the final exam. The dates of the tests are given below. No make-ups will be given.

Total: 500 points (HW: 100, Tests: 200, Final: 200 )
A: 450-500
B: 400-449
C: 350-399
D: 300-349
F: Below 300

 Dates to remember: All tests (including possibly final exams) will be in regular class meeting room
Mon, Oct 3: Test I
Fri, Nov 18: Test II
Wed, Dec 7 to Tue, Dec 13 -- final exam (exact date and location TBA)