MATH 026 SECTION 05 CRN 82034    APPLIED CALCULUS.   4 credits. Fall 2012

MTWF, 2.10 to 3 pM, DGH 203


email: ssitaraman (AT)

OFFICE: 219 ASB-B (behind Locke Hall) ; (202) 806-6832

OFFICE HOURS (official) MTWF 1-2Pm; Call or e-mail for other times.

This course provides the knowledge and skills of calculus needed in applications in business, economics, biological and social sciences.

Syllabus : Functions, graphs and limits, Differentiation, Applications of the Derivative, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Integration, Calculus of several variables [Chapters 1 to 7]

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Text: Applied Calculus, 11th edition
Hoffmann, Bradley, Sobecki and Price




Quizzes, Tests, and grading

In this course we will try to do many examples and problems. Example problems will be worked out in every class. You will be expected to work on them during class and do other recommended problems at home, by yourself or with your study group. There will also be practice assignments on webassign. It is highly recommended that you form a study group and meet with students in your study group atleast once a week.

There will be quizzes almost every week, given IN CLASS. The quiz problems will be similar to the ones worked out in class. More details on that will be posted soon.The total points out of all the quizzess will count to about 30% of the final grade. There will be 6 or more quizzes and the best 5 scores will be counted towards final grade. A bonus of 10 points will be given if you take all the quizzes.

Click on WEBWORK to do practice problems. Your login can be practice1 (or practice2 or practice3...upto practice9) and your passowrd is also the same (practice1 or practice2 or...)

There will be 3 tests (also IN CLASS) and the best 2 will count towards final grade. No make-ups unless in a serious emergency.

Writing only answers in test, will fetch only small amount of credit. Please always explain your work and present solutions step by step. This will also help you to get partial credit even if answer is wrong.

Total: 600 points (Quizzes: 200, Tests: 200, Final: 200 )
A: 540-600
B: 480-539
C: 420-479
D: 360-419
F: Below 360

 Dates to remember:
Wed Aug 29: Quiz 1
Fri Sep 7: Quiz 2
Fri Sep 14: Quiz 3
Fri Sep 21: Test1
Mon Oct 1: Quiz 4
Wed Oct 10: Quiz 5
Wed Oct 17: Quiz 6
Fri Oct 26: Test 2
Tue Nov 6: Quiz 7
Wed Nov 14: Quiz 8
Wed Nov 21: Quiz 9
Tue Nov 27: Test 3

Final exam Dec 4 time TBA