CRN 83622 MATH 210, Section 1. Modern Algebra I Fall 2011

Instructor: Sankar Sitaraman
TEXT: Abstract Algebra: The Basic Graduate Year, Robert B. Ash, e-book
Available at PROF. ASH'S WEBSITE
OTHER REFERENCES: "Algebra" by Hungerford and "Contemporary Abstract Algebra" by Gallian

Class will meet MWF DGH 204 at 11.10 am.
One class in every two weeks part of the class will usually be spent on discussing exercises and then a short quiz.


Office: 219, ASB-B (behind Locke). Hours: MWThF 10.10-11 am,
But you are welcome to come at other times also but please call 806-6832 or e-mail ssitaraman "(insert @ here)" beforehand, if possible.

You are very welcome also to send questions by email

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[Chapters 1 to 4]Basics of Groups, Rings, Fields and Modules. Sylow theorems [Chapter 5]if time permits.

Quizzes, Tests, Grades, and all that stuff
Each chapter in the book has exercises at the end of it. Please do the ones assigned at the end of each class. Solutions are also given for these problems at the end of the book. You are strongly encouraged to form a study group of students from this class. It is highly recommended that you meet with students in your study group atleast once a week. The problems will help you prepare for the quiz, which will be given almost every other week. No make-ups will be given. You are strongly encouraged to talk to me during office hours. The quizzes, while easier to get points than the tests, are crucial to understanding the material and also to preparing for the tests.

Old Exams

There will be 3 in-class tests apart from the final exam. The dates of the tests are given below. No make-ups will be given. The best 2 scores out of the 3 tests will be included in the final grade.

The quizzes will count for 200 towards final grade. I will drop the two lowest scores in the quizzes

Total: 600 points (Quizzes: 200, Tests: 200, Final: 200 )
A: 540-600
B: 480-539
C: 420-479
D: 360-419
F: Below 360

 Dates to remember:
Wed Aug 31: Quiz 1
Mon Sep 12: Quiz 2
Wed Sep 21: Quiz 3
Fri Sep 30: Test1
Wed Oct 12: Quiz 4
Mon Oct 24 : Quiz 5
Fri Oct 28: Test 2
Mon Nov 7: Quiz 6
Fri Nov 18: Quiz 7
Wed Nov 30: Test 3

Final exam Dec 7 to 14