MATH 157, Section 2. Calculus II. FALL 2020

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Instructor: Sankar Sitaraman

TEXT: Calculus by James Stewart, 8th edition
See below for Webassign (optional) online hw website access that comes with textbook
Class will meet 3.10 to 4pm MWRF in Zoom ; Meeting id + password will be posted on blackboard.

We will also use Echo360 software to record classes, post the video recordings, and take polls during class (part of class participation).
Log into Echo360 website, go to Math 156 FALL 2020 (NOT 2019!) course page to watch videos of classes.
You should have received invite by now.

12-1pm, Thu AND 4 to 5pm-Tue.
Email for other times (ssitaraman AT howard, NOT bison.howard).

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SYLLABUS (ignore dates; Also 10.6 is omitted)
Will try to keep up with schedule as much as possible.
We will be covering different techniques of integration such as integration by parts, numerical integration and also applications of integration to finding length, area and volume. In the latter half of the course we will talk about various types of series and their properties. Finally we will study some topics in analytic geometry including polar co-ordinates and conic sections.

Class Attendance Restricted to Registered Students: Only students whose names appear on the official course roster are permitted to attend class meetings. Students who are not registered are not permitted to attend or participate in course activities, do not have access to Blackboard, cannot submit course assignments, and will not receive a grade for this course. It is the students' responsibility to ensure that they are properly registered by the published registration deadline. Requests to add courses after the deadline will not be considered.



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You can get into the online homework website Webassign through Blackboard. Details soon.
QUICK START INSTRUCTION to see how to get started.
You might need an access code that came with the ebook or in the textbook at the time of purchase.

WARNING: Using smartphone while studying or doing math is injurious to your math performance.
Please refrain from using smartphone in class.
Smartphone use is STRICTLY PROHIBITED during tests.
Anyone using a smartphone during a test is subject to an F grade, report to authorities or worse.

Quizzes, Tests, and grading

In this course we will try to do many examples and problems. Example problems will be worked out in every class. You will be expected to work on them during class and do other recommended problems at home, by yourself or with your study group. Points will be given for attendance and participation in class.

There are also practice assignments on webassign. If you can't access webassign then you can do the problems from the book. It is highly recommended that you form a study group and meet with students in your study group atleast once a week.

There will be individual oral quizzes (15 minutes) each week for 30 points each and the best 10 will count towards final grade.
There will also be extra credit problems assigned in class and it is your responsibility to attend class to find out what they are. I may or may not post them on update page. No make-ups unless in a serious emergency

Writing only answers in test, will fetch only small amount of credit. Please always explain your work and present solutions step by step. This will also help you to get partial credit even if answer is wrong.

Attendance: You will need at least 30 minutes in each class for 75% of the classes to get the 50 points for attendance. If we had 40 classes total, you would need to have been present for at least 30 minutes in 30 of those classes. Anything less will get proportional number of points. You can also get attendance points by watching video of class. In that case you need to confirm with me by phone, using facetime or google duo, on the number given on blackboard/email, until we figure out how to get you all registered on echo360. More than 75% will get extra credit.
Participation: We will have polls during class using Zoom Polls function. You will need to be present during the live class. Correct answers will get extra credit.Again, you will need atleast 75% of poll points to get the 50 points for participation.
Quizzes: Each week, sign up for a 15 minute time slot and talk to me by phone, using facetime or google duo, on the number given on blackboard/email. The quiz will be conducted interview style. You will need to be looking at the camera the whole time. If you know the answer to the randomly chosen homework question you will get 15 out of the 30 points. If you answer any one follow-up question correctly you will get the remaining 15 points. If you answer more than one follow-up question you will get 5 points extra credit for each. We will have more than 10 quizzes. If you get more than 300 points that is also extra credit.

Total: 500 points (Attendance and Class participation: 100, Quizzes: 300, Final: 100 )
A: 450-500
B: 40-449
C: 350-399
D: 300-349
F: Below 300

Academic Code of Student Conduct (please see Howard University handbook):
No copying, unauthorized use of calculators, books, or other materials, or changing of answers or other academic dishonesty will be tolerated. Cheating will not be tolerated. Anyone caught cheating will receive an F for the course and may be expelled from the university.

AMERICAN DISABILITIES ACT: Howard University is committed to providing an educational environment that is accessible to all students. In accordance with this policy, students in need of accommodations due to a disability should contact the Office of the Dean for Special Student Services (202-238-2420, for verification and determination of reasonable accommodations as soon as possible after admission and at the beginning of each semester as needed.

Statement on Interpersonal Violence: Howard University takes sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual harassment seriously. If a student reveals that he or she needs assistance with any of these issues, all responsible employees, including faculty, are required to share this information with the University Title IX Office (202-806-2550) or a student can be referred for confidential services to the Interpersonal Violence Prevention Program (IVPP) (202-238-2382) or the University Counseling Services (202-806-6870). For more information, please go to www.CampusSafetyFirst.Howard.Edu